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About EjProger




Good year for composition. Now I handle quite well my music gear, I can try new style and stuff. I draw inspiration from pictures, stories and other, and attempt to convert them into music.


Obscuraniste Chillout - 3:53 - 140bpm
  New kind attempt, inspired by ambient musics and authors like JMJ or Vangelis. Pads ands FXs work.

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Snooper Trance Electro - 5:49 - 150bpm
  Standard tune in order to test a new writing method : the melody is directly recorded from my playing over keyboard, instead of copying out in the software synthesizer. The slight imperfection help to forget the boring repetitive rythm from the drums.

format : MP3 - D/L : 8177KB
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Extrapoly Chillout - 3:05 - 140bpm
  Interesting attempt of 6/4 writing (instead of 4/4 as 99% of heard songs). Thus it is a bit more difficult to understand the rythm, funny !

format : MP3 - D/L : 4341KB
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Slaitorus Electro Ambient - 3:48 - 140bpm
  Main tune never repeating. You may think so, but it isnt !

format : MP3 - D/L : 5346KB
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Asterock Trance Electro - 3:32 - 150bpm
  A typical song of mine, this one done in order to practice my current style and writing process.

format : MP3 - D/L : 4970KB
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Subground Electro Ambient - 4:02 - 135bpm
  Song done for a game project. This one should be used for an underground, gloomy place. The FX has been done to fullfill the objective.

format : MP3 - D/L : 5690KB
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Kinotronix trance mix Trance - 6:09 - 147bpm
  In the beginning I seek an hard, heavy drum line, to enjoy the bass lfo effect. Afterward I made a fine tune over... until the drums was too far from the style done! So I've redone the song with a simplified melody and more synth sounds to enjoy... the inital drum line.

format : MP3 - D/L : 8662KB
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