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2002 introduce the post processing. I got to use Cool Edit Pro and even Adobe Premiere for that purpose (Cool Edit having trouble with big track). Easy to equalize and add effects to music!
Also there is Fruity Loops, but I didn't use it since there is no common markers and track as i was used to. I think Fruity Loops is made for people who never done music before.
Propellerheads release ReBirth 2 : the new drumkit (tb909) allows better drum line to be done.
And finally, I use a new MP3 compressor, way much better, quieter and cleaner than the old Xing (was easy to outmatch, to be honest!!)


Acid Amibe Acid - 7:33 - 160bpm
  Two acid sound as tune, followed with a complex drum.

format : MP3 - D/L : 7090KB
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Part Two - Gabbering Electro Gabber - 4:44 - 220bpm
  New chaos music. I tried a new way to make music, with independant recording of drum line, tune, bass, and mixdown at post processing. Harder than expect, the music is even more chaotic because of lack of synchro.

format : MP3 - D/L : 4453KB
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Aceed Swip Acid - 8:44 - 150bpm
  Advanced acid tune, bass line and drum line, and fine work with post processing. Beat is slowed down a bit to make this music easy listening.

format : MP3 - D/L : 8194KB
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Alien Hunt Trance - 5:24 - 160bpm
  A comeback of the good old tracker. I made every track separately as tested with others softwares. The samples are way above the quality of 1999's musics.

format : XM - D/L : 1176KB
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Sahar Dee Psytrance - 4:32 - 160bpm
  Same process as Alien Hunt, with a greated work on the differents fx per sample. Global plan is simple.

format : XM - D/L : 1036KB
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