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I've bought some new gear who allows me to really create everything I have in my mind.
Next songs are very close to what I expect them to be
I check some of my old tunes to update them.


Renergizer 2006 Acid Trance - 6:02 - 180bpm
  Enhanced version of orignial Renergizer tune : i've worked a bit on the drums, and alot on the global equalization. Much better, now !

format : MP3 - D/L : 8502KB
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Hanophyse Electronic - 5:20 - 160bpm
  Done to play around a wide chord i've in mind. Also an extended stringpad fill the whole space. The drums just help follow the rythm which would be lost in the melted sound.

format : MP3 - D/L : 6281KB
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