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About EjProger




In 2000, I put aside trackers software, and get some synthesizer emulators instead. For example, Propellerheads' ReBirth allow me to make sounds close to the common Techno music.
I also skilled myself at making samples
Music done with those software are big WAV files, and so they're compressed using MP3 algorithm. I've put some music on mp3.com (was free at this time). 128Kbits sadly deteriorate too much Acid sounds...


Part One Rave Psychedelic - 7:41 - 165bpm
  First attempt to make a rave-like music. Idea is to make the most chaotic sound possible! The drum line is simple, and the tune is a completely destroyed acid sound.

format : MP3 - D/L : 7204KB
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TriHard Rave Trance - 6:40 - 190bpm
  Second attempt to make a rave-like music. The drum line is improved in comparison to Part One. The tune keeps the same acid sound completely distorted.

format : MP3 - D/L : 6252KB
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Song of Azur Acid Ambient - 7:55 - 90bpm
  Slow timed with an acid sound as tune to make a cool mood. Result is a bit too high to be true Ambient.

format : MP3 - D/L : 7422KB
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CyberGenesis Acid Ambient - 7:21 - 110bpm
  Hard work on the acid sound. The tune is what I expected! Drum line just helps to follow the beat.

format : MP3 - D/L : 6902KB
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Overload Drummer Trance Gabber - 7:46 - 165bpm
  An experiment : sync Feedback on drum line, until peak/saturation! Even at low level, the sound is hard. Beware!

format : MP3 - D/L : 9105KB
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Ugly Acid Walker Acid - 8:43 - 180bpm
  Fast tempo with a light acid tune over. I tried to do lots of various distortion, but result is too repetitive.

format : MP3 - D/L : 10216KB
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