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About EjProger




1999 : I'm used to play with Fast Tracker. I also use the incredible Cubic Player 1.6, with a spectrum analyser, to study my music and others' to skill up my creation process.
Using Sound Forge, I make my own sample for trackers like Fast Tracker, ModPlug Tracker or Impulse Tracker.
I try Rave eJay, an easy tool to make music. I quickly abandon it, after some fun with, because of its limitations.


Zarb Experimental - 6:02 - 125bpm
  A music with strange samples (the drum line is made with fingers slam or falling objects' noise)...

format : XM - D/L : 524KB
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A.M.B Drum Electro - 3:35 - 125bpm
  A good example of an hard work on drum line, and making a very simple tune above just to check how it sounds.

format : XM - D/L : 410KB
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