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About EjProger




In 2005, I start to easily manipulate my recording studio. It's easy to convert "idea" to "real music".
Musics are finely made. I use many independants software to achieve them. There is still some trouble with mixing tracks.
Audio compression achieve now very high fidelity easily!


Renergizer Acid Trance - 5:58 - 180bpm
  A good Acid Trance tune, faster beat than average. Although the compostion is good, the mixdown of track is a bit messy and overall sound level (gain) too weak.

format : MP3 - D/L : 7007KB
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Hammeved Acid Trance - 5:19 - 160bpm
  Probably my quickest ever made tune. It's made with a very simple layout, an excessively hard drum and, of course, acid sound over !

format : MP3 - D/L : 7473KB
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